Swirl Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies!

April 15, 2011

Is there much more to say….? I think it is. Cheesecake is for a lactose intolerant person the absolute enemy, usually, but thanks to the milk industry in Germany, they found a way how lactose intolerant people are able to enjoy milk products. If I did understand it right, they add the enzyme which divides […]

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Lemon, Raspberry and Mint…

April 10, 2011

Cupcakes! sounds like Candy to me, like a Cocktail or Lemonade! You want some? You should make some! Seriously, I want everybody to bake more. What about everybody in my street bakes something on Sunday’s and shares it with the neighborhood? Set your cake outside your door and let everybody sample! Wandering up and down […]

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A tribute to spring..

April 2, 2011

with a wonderful trilogy of cookies! Macarons with chocolate ganache or lemon cream, chocolate biscuit cookies with ganache and my favorite melting moments cookies. Spring is here with all it’s lovely faces. Cherry blossoms, longer days, warm days, sun, flowers, open balcony doors all day. Fresh morning air. I love it! And to make these […]

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Chocolate, Nuts, Whipped Cream…

March 24, 2011

that’s some heavy stuff! After all this Cupcake practicing, I need a new challenge. I want to practice to make pretty layer cakes. The cake was so moist and soft and tender like a real American chocolate cake has to be. It’s probably the best I ever made. The filling is just simply wipped cream […]

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Lemon lemon coconut Cake

January 19, 2011

delicious, sticky, chewy, and so sweet it crawls into your socks… I baked those goodies yesterday in the afternoon and planed to have my first photo shoot of this year again on the balcony, today in the morning. After I was done I couldn’t resist any longer and did eat one right away. I made […]

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Heavenly Melting Moments Cookie Sandwiches

January 3, 2011

I bet you’re going to let out a sweet “sigh”, too when they melt in your mouth! I got the Donna Hay ” Modern Classics2 ” Baking Book for Christmas. When I flipped through the sides, these Cookies cached my eye and I knew I couldn’t resist very long to make them. They are wonderful […]

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One for you and one for me…

December 15, 2010

they are both, lactose and gluten free! It’s been a while. It’s winter, keeps snowing outside, and only ten days to go till Christmas eve. I’ve been baking German Christmas Cake in two different Versions lately. Hopefully can post the results soon. And been baking and munching down the “also called” Mexican wedding cookies = […]

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Sprinkle Sprinkle Birthday Cake…

November 18, 2010

for a little 2 year old Miss and her party guests. I’ve been asked to make a birthday cake for a friend of mine. It was her daughters second birthday. And since a two year old doesn’t care too much about a certain theme for her birthday cake (I am talking about the always favorite […]

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Happy Halloween Cupcakes!

October 31, 2010

I keep it short. Just some impressions. I enjoyed making these ones a lot! It’s my basic chocolate cupcake recipe with butter cream, one flavored with mint and colored green, and in pink with vanilla. Lovely sugar…

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The best Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe?

October 14, 2010

I still haven’t found it yet, but those were pretty good… I don’t know what the secret is, to make a chewy and not crispy chocolate chip cookie. I personally like them soft and chewy. I don’t even want them crisp on the outside. I figured, I always bake them too long. To make chocolate […]

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