Mexican Wedding, Russian Tea, or just ordinary Christmas Cookies..

October 8, 2010

it doesn’t matter how you call them, they are simply delicious! These cookies got my attention just because of their name. Or the name I saw them the first time, “wedding cookies”. I liked the idea of a certain type of cookies people always make in their country for a wedding. My husband just said […]

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Fall on a Plate…

September 28, 2010

or a Cupcake takes a walk! I have this amazing carrot cake recipe I always use and this year I tried a new version and added some pumpkin. The pumpkin made the cake very moist. You just have to lick your fingers (or the spoon) after eating! Since I always shoot my pictures at the […]

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Where do you keep your Blondies?

September 23, 2010

In a jar, in a box, in a house with a mouse, on a shelf, or hiding in a secret place? The thing I love with Blondies is making them. The part were the melted butter sugar mixture is melting with the flour and you stir and stir and it feels and look like a […]

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There was a sparkling Wine Happy! Birthday Party last night….

September 19, 2010

and so were the Cupcakes! I had a recipe for champagne cupcakes on my list for a long time. I was just waiting for the right moment and I was really curious how they would turn out. They were fantastic! These cupcakes would get the category “royal” if I had to put them in one. […]

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Hazelnut Friand with Apples and Cinnamon…

September 16, 2010

fall here we come! It’s been 2 weeks without posting anything. The reason is the lack of a (good) camera. Of course, I’ve been baking, but just once a week. I kind of needed a break from the first marathon I did here. Fall is here and I bought my first pumpkin and made a […]

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Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes with a hint of Peanut Butter…

September 2, 2010

boosts you up when you’re down! After all these fruity recipes I tried, I was in the mood for creamy heavy stuff again. I made chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting a lot of times and I love them. I always been curious about a coffee flavor in chocolate cupcakes. So, I just used my […]

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Fig Bars

August 28, 2010

gives you power and treats you right! I was talking to my brother today about him working till late at night and getting up early again. First thing that came to my mind was, that I want to make him something that gives him energy during a long working day. This fig bar is light, […]

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Nectarines and Honey

August 27, 2010

if Cleopatra would call for Cupcakes, these would be my choice for her! The last Cupcakes I made with the blackberry filling made me want to try Nectarines in a Cupcake. It works! No preparation, nothing, just cut it and place the pieces in the dough filled forms and you have a fresh fruity center. […]

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Vanilla Chai Cupcakes with Blackberry Filling…

August 24, 2010

and you think you are in spice-berry heaven, or in Marie Antoinette’s society! You need a break? You need something that completely blows away your daily routine? I sometimes feel like drinking a chai tea when I feel the need to space out and relax and treat my soul with something warm, spicy, sweet and […]

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The Good Old Brownie

August 21, 2010

also good for midnight “coming home from bowling” snack. Did I mention that I love the recipes by Cynthia Barcomi ? They are usually so.. how can I describe that… so solid. Her recipes remind me of my grandma’s baking. Like there’s no need to leave something out or cut in half because of calories. […]

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